Vertical lift module (VLM)

The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is one of the leading automated storage and retrieval systems available in today’s market. The VLM consist of two columns of trays in the front and rear with a robotic inserter/extractor operating in the center delivering trays to an ergonomic work counter using an integrated controller and/or software. From hardware to electrical components to finished goods, the VLM provides a fast, efficient storage and retrieval solution.

The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) allows organizations to do more with less –

  • Save up to 85% of floor space utilizing the VLM’s cubic storage optimization maximizing your storage capacity within a reduced foot print
  • Increase productivity by 600% by eliminating time wasted walking and searching for items, work can now be performed by one operator that use to take three operators
  • Increase accuracy levels to 99.99%
  • A safe and ergonomic workplace is created by the VLM delivering trays to an optimal location for each operator while also working within a system of safety features protecting the operators and materials
  • Increase security and restricted access utilizing the VLM security system with features from accessibility options for individual operators to automatic electronic doors sealing off the access opening.

Vertical Lift Module Options:

We offer a variety of add-on options to help our clients customize their automated storage systems. Expedite the picking process and help operators improve timing and accuracy with visual aids for picking operations. Improve security with a badge or EKS reader, helping keep your facility safe while also tracking workflow. Other options help to improve productivity including piece counting scales, label printers, barcode readers, sliding consoles and more. We offer bay options to tailor your vertical storage system to your specific needs, including automatic doors, tray removal and transportation carts, telescopic internal bays and more.