Our industrial shelving products include Schaefer R3000 shelving, high bay shelving, multi-tier mezzanines, clip-style shelving, wide span shelving and more. The flexibility of each product line allows you to configure a system of various heights, widths and depths while also incorporating features such as dividers, high density drawers, bins and more. Shelf options include steel, wire and particle board. With weight capacities up to 2,500 lbs. per shelf, our industrial shelving products offer an economical solution for storing plastic bins, bankers boxes, parts, medical supplies, consumer goods and more.  Each shelving system may be a fixed stand alone system, integrated into a mobile system or some may even be expanded as a multi-tier mezzanine application.

In today’s fast paced business environment, organizations need the ability to implement a storage system in an expedited manner.  As a stocking distributor of Schaefer R3000 shelving, our team has the ability to provide a high quality solution within days not weeks of receiving an order.  The stocking program includes four shelf sizes at 1,000 lbs. capacities, three depths of 85″ uprights, drawers, Schaefer RK containers and more.  Please inquire for more details and pricing.