Modular office and office partition

Our portfolio of interior and exterior modular systems holds several advantages over conventional building techniques. Our composite panel cores, sandwich options, assembly systems, and novel material combinations can be utilized to achieve virtually any customer requirements in any environment. We’ve consistently created interior & exterior solutions for environments that require protection from heat, fire, explosion, sound, vibration, wind, earthquakes, radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding, electromagnetic interference (EMI), insulation, blasts or fragments, corrosion and wear.

  • In plant offices – most in plant offices can be fully assembled and operational in days while offering 40% savings when compared to conventional construction costs.
  • Mezzanine mounted buildings – maximize the cubic space of your facility with a mezzanine mounted structure creating a second story within your existing facility
  • Blast and ballistic rated structures – guard houses, guard booths, guard towers, gatehouses, security booths, guard enclosures and mobile solutions that mitigate ballistic, blast and high speed fragment threats
  • Cleanrooms – high quality, modular environments to control humidity, temperature, and/or particulate cleanliness