From the solo practice physician’s and dentist office to the state-of-the-art medical center campus to the most comprehensive medical device manufacturer, each segment of the healthcare industry is increasingly in need of intelligent and productive storage solutions. The CI Group designs solutions that excel at meeting the exacting needs of the healthcare industry, including HIPPA regulations that protect personal health information.

Our portfolio of solutions satisfy the needs of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as the various departments found in major medical centers including; medical records, central supplies, x-rays, pharmacy, patient room supply storage, surgical supply, lab specimens, linen storage, reference library, and many more.


The pressure is greater than ever for hospital executives and managers to reduce operating costs. The largest component of the hospital operating budget is the supply chain and hospital administrators are hungry for solutions to replace their antiquated material flow process.

By implementing dynamic storage and retrieval solutions such as horizontal and vertical carousels to improve productivity, save space and increase accuracy, hospitals are trimming out wasted time and money in their current process.

Hospitals are looking to our material handling solutions to enhance the performance of their materials management, surgical supply, clinical laboratories, maintenance and repair operations (MRO), linens service, food services, pharmacy automation and mail centers.

Medical clinics

Medical practitioners and clinic managers strive to provide rapid, effective, safe patient care day after day. Whether you are a traditional medical clinic or a walk-in care facility, intelligent storage systems allow your team to operate in the efficient manner necessary to reach the goals of your medical practice.

The CI Group understands the sensitivity of patient files as well as the HIPAA regulations medical clinics are required to follow. Additionally, we understand the needs for efficient work flow process and security to house pharmaceuticals along with high-cost medical supplies. Our portfolio of products including high density shelving systems, vertical carousels and totes allows our team to work with your staff to design a storage system to meet the needs of your facility for today as well as tomorrow.

Medical device manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturers are required to meet the quality system regulations as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Medical device manufacturers must establish and maintain procedures to ensure that mix-ups, damage, deterioration, contamination or other adverse effects to products do not occur during handling. The regulations also require control of storage areas to ensure that no obsolete, rejected or deteriorated product is used or distributed and that items be stored in a manner to facilitate proper stock rotation.

When used in conjunction with our suite of inventory control software, our vertical storage and retrieval systems automate and provide electronic documentation for stock rotation programs and ensure that expired devices do not ship. Manufacturers may also implement pick validation as part of their process with pick-to-light technologies and bar code verification.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

People depend on pharmaceutical products to maintain their health and even save their lives. At the CI Group, we handle your materials as well as your company’s reputation with great care.

Material handling solutions for pharmaceutical products has many similarities to the distribution of other goods, but it also has some considerations found in no other industry.

Carton and case item goods that are non-prescription, average value items can usually be handled in the same manner that similar consumer goods are distributed. However, many prescription and high value items require special security and documentation to prevent theft while also meeting the record keeping requirements of government authorities. Some goods may also require refrigeration to prevent spoilage or particle control cleanrooms preventing contamination. CI Industrial has the equipment and software necessary to accommodate these requirements.

Vertical storage and retrieval systems such as a vertical carousel or vertical lift module (VLM) can provide the extra security and activity tracking required to manage and dispense controlled substances as well as high value goods. These enclosed vertical carousels and vertical lift modules (VLMs) offer other security features such as:

  • Password controlled access to the units
  • User restricted access to certain trays or goods
  • Host-defined picking lists can present only the required trays to the user
  • Access activity including user ID, date, time, tray and item picked can be automatically logged

There are a number of other special modifications that can be added to these units as well such as refrigeration and fire suppression systems. While there are other ways to secure and dispense high value items and controlled substances, none are quite as well suited to the task as vertical carousels and vertical lift modules (VLMs).