Each year there are literally hundreds of thousands of goods manufactured in the United States, many of which are destined for commercial or industrial use by nature. Pressure on manufacturers of these goods to make their processes more efficient, reduce cost and improve product quality becomes greater day by day as emerging nations ramp up their manufacturing capabilities. Eliminating non-value added labor in the manufacturing of these goods is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce cost and it is an essential key toward maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

From the moment materials hit your dock until the finished products have been shipped out the door, we have the equipment and software to help reduce or eliminate non-value added material handling labor.


In order to be successful in today’s global market, manufacturers need to operate as efficiently as possible. The need for organizations to do more with less, while also providing high quality finished goods is driving the strong trend of organizations investing in automation.

Manufacturers are implementing more and more automation to increase productivity. Our family of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) solutions including vertical carousels, vertical lift modules and horizontal carousels allow manufacturers to enhance and support their automated production lines. Manufacturers are turning to AS/RS for their Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) as stock rooms are more important than ever before in an attempt to minimize downtime in the production process. Assembly, point of use operations and other manufacturing departments are turning to AS/RS in order to increase productivity, increase accuracy, achieve greater inventory control and reduce overhead costs.


Automotive manufacturer s face the intimidating challenges of shorter product cycles, production processes with increasing complexity, and demands for higher quality finished goods that meet the price sensitivity of the marketplace. CI Industrial will work with your team to provide a material flow system designed to eliminate waste, maximize profit and meet demanding delivery schedules. Our ability to integrate technologies including automated storage and retrieval systems, pick to light equipment, inventory control software with bar code interface, automated guided vehicles and conveyors provide solutions for:

  • Secure tooling storage
  • Work in progress buffering
  • Point of use component storage
  • Incoming material storage
  • Spare parts distribution

Consumer packaged goods

The power of a brand in the consumer goods industry is valuable, but it still cannot prevent prices from dropping. The market demand for better products, more product choices and more service – all at a lower price make it difficult to maintain desired profit margins.

CI Industrial can help you organize and streamline your manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations intelligently to maximize efficiencies. Reviewing in-house and in-bound activities, from suppliers to individual workstations, our team will identify and recommend opportunities for improvement. Increasing the efficiency of work processes will strengthen your market position and allow you to react quickly to the demands of today’s market.

Food & beverage

The food and beverage industry is ripe with unique and difficult material handling challenges due in part to the growing number of product choices. Spices, produce, wine, fungal cultures, peanuts and more present a variety in shape, weight, cycle, environmental control demands and production process. Our solutions of automated storage and retrieval systems, cleanrooms, pallet rack, conveyors and stainless steel shelving enhanced with our suite of inventory control software allow organizations to properly manage the thousands of SKUs in their facility while also working within the strict requirements of the Food and Drug Administration.


Processed plastics are present in many finished foods, everything from packaging to automobiles. Most of today’s plastics are synthetic, deriving from petrochemicals which also present great challenges to plastic manufacturers because of the volatility of oil prices. In an effort to control and reduce operating costs, plastic manufacturers are operating leaner than ever seeking out ways to make their processes more efficient.

CI Industrial understands the difficulties inherent in plastics manufacturing and offers a variety of material handling equipment complimented with inventory control software to enhance the manufacturing process. Our ability to integrate multiple hardware technologies allows our team to work with your staff to design a more efficient process with greater inventory control and higher productivity within a reduced footprint designated to the operation.

Warehouse and distribution centers

Warehouse and distribution center managers are constantly striving for ways to increase daily throughput, reduce overhead and shipping costs, minimize inventory quantities and reduce operator error.

Our team approaches each warehouse and distribution center project with the understanding that each customer, facility and operation is unique. We work directly with your staff designing comprehensive solutions that will help you drive down costs and run your operation faster, safer and more efficiently.

Our ability to integrate multiple types of warehouse equipment and software systems allow us to provide the right solution for your operation whether it is receiving, put-away, picking, sorting, packing, manifesting or shipping.