Asure Software

The CI Group loves the opportunity to work with a customer who requests input on all the interiors, including the interior paint, carpet, and millwork. Along with designing the look of the interior structure, we were able to present a complete furniture design package to the executives at Asure Software that incorporated their branding and colors.

Asure Software focuses on increasing workplace productivity by providing facility management tools like meeting room management applications. Because The CI Group wanted to provide Asure with a means to utilize and display their own products, the conference room was designed with that in mind. Part of the design included workstations that offer more privacy for concentrated work but The CI Group incorporated several open collaborate areas for the employees to work together. The building offers beautiful views and the design was focused on displaying opportunities to take advantage of our lovely city!

The new space is 15,000 sq. feet and project team includes Ai Collaborative and Alexander Whitt.