CareSync Headquarters

CareSync is a family health record that collects, organizes, and stores health information on a secure, privacy platform and gives immediate access to patient health data at any time, any place, and on any device. The company has rapidly expanded and wanted to develop an inspiration work environment for their growing workforce. The owner had a vision to create a more efficient work environment using an open office concept with numerous collaborative areas.

The CI Group took direction from the architect and company founder, Travis Bond, to furnish over 50,000 square feet in their new corporate headquarters located in Tampa, FL. Bond took input from his employees for the design, layout, product, and finishes throughout the project which created conflicting designs and challenges. The CI Group used the data and ideas to create various idea starter “typicals” that were reviewed with CareSync’s team to narrow down a final solution.

The overall design needed to incorporate modern furnishing in a rustic environment with furniture finishes complementing reclaimed wood accent walls. The main conference room was modernized with a stunning back-painted glass table top. A casual environment was created in CareSync’s café which was intended to be utilized all day – from cappuccinos in the morning to adult refreshments at the end of the day.

The environment inspires creativity and collaboration. As a result, the President remarked that productivity had increased by at least 20 in the first two months after moving to the new space. CareSync was also voted as a finalist for Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Coolest office Space in 2016.