ChappellRoberts was looking to renovate their existing office space to interject energetic and functional spaces that included workstatioins, task seating, and collaborative meeting areas. The CI Group was ready for the challenge! Due to the heavily team oriented culture, the finishes and fabrics were carefully selected to represent the identity of the brand. Neutral wood tones and red textiles create a comfortable yet creative atmosphere. ChappellRoberts also incorporated additional iconic Ybor brick, LED dimmable lighting, and a completely renovated Breakroom. “From the moment you walk through the door, to the meetings entered throughout the day, the renovation has created a vibe in our space that’s an undeniable transformation. In a space that we often spend more time in than our own homes, it’s an investment in our productivity and attitude everyone at ChappellRoberts is appreciating.” -Kaitlyn Loos