TGH Brandon Healthplex

Tampa General Hospital Brandon Healthplex is the hospitals’ first off-site, state-of-the-art, outpatient medical center. The Healthplex features an Emergency Center, Outpatient Surgery Center, Pharmacy, Primary Care Facility, and Laboratory services.

CI Group worked closely with the architectural and design team at Gresham, Smith & Partners to design and specify all of the furnishings. The process started with a full furniture “fair” or demo of all potential products. The facilities users, patients, and staff were able to experience the seating, quality, and finishes in person, complete with a written evaluation of every product. This helped the team determine the final preferred specifications based on usage and fit.

All of the furnishings and finishes are specific for the healthcare environment with unique fabrics for easy regular maintenance and frequent commercial cleaning. The modern aesthetic and feel of warmth is hospitality-inspired to create a comfortable and welcoming center. Custom reception desks and millwork throughout the Healthplex set an unexpected and tranquil vibe for the outpatient facility.