ProjectDOW Electronics

Dow Electronics is an industry leading consumer electronics technology distributor. With their corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, Dow desired to refresh their existing space, attract and retain more millennial employees.

CI Group partnered with the client, architect and interior designers to renovate the 12,000 sq. foot office. Employee workstations, conference rooms, meeting areas, lobby and dining center were completely updated with brighter and clean finishes. Dow’s entry is unique with white details, pops of red textiles and a tablet check-in kiosk. Each meeting room includes diverse types of furniture to encourage discussion and collaboration within various environments. The open plan and workstations promote teamwork while also allowing concentrated work with lower privacy panels and compact storage. A formal board room with video conferencing was also incorporated into the office design along with a large training room.

The overall design is energetic, fresh and updated. The project was completed in three phases while remaining fully functional during the renovations.

Project Location

Tampa, Florida