ProjectUniversity of South Florida: The Well

The University of South Florida’s Center for Wellness, Engagement, Leadership, and Learning (WELL) opened in April of 2017 after receiving the funds from the Health Community, Student Government, and savings from the Collective Investment Fund. This Tampa satellite facility is part of the University’s Health and Campus Recreation center and caters to all students in the Tampa Bay area. With new fitness equipment and comfortable lounge areas (provided by The CI Group), students are able to exercise, study, and dine in the new 12,000 square foot facility.

The CI Group partnered with the university to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere throughout the space. Study lounge seating and high dining tables include outlets for power convenience and charging needs. Students have diverse seating options with lounge chairs, sofas, bar height tables, and study booths. The WELL fitness Center includes a custom reception desk and locker room benching for an athletic club experience.

Maintenance and durability were imperative goals and The CI Group worked with the team architects to provide proper fabrics and finishes which are displayed throughout the facility. We achieved these results by selecting X and X that carry long warranties and resilience to cover the extensive workout that both the furniture and students will endure!

Project Location

Tampa, Florida